University Sitters is helping families find great Santa Barbara nannies through our rigorous screening process and fundamental mission to provide interesting and caring nannies to the children of Santa Barbara.

Kids in Santa Barbara are known for their access to playgrounds on the beach and Kids’s World style parks, so when University Sitters seeks quality nannies for these great kids, we look for those candidates who are able to hit the road and enrich these curious minds with all that the greater Santa Barbara has to offer.

Our local nanny services can be provided in the following neighborhoods: Santa Barbara, Goleta, Montecito, Carpinteria, and Santa Maria.

Working with a nanny agency to find your new nanny can be helpful for a number of reasons.  A child care agency screens and meets so many nannies, that the best candidates stand out and are immediately passed to families to meet.  The process of finding a nanny can be much quicker than going it alone.  A nanny agency will also have background screening processes that they can access to assure the security of the candidate hired to be sure they have no history of criminal activity.  Nannies also tend to like to work with agencies because they know that the familes using agencies are often more serious about hiring a long term, quality nanny.

In particular, University Sitters sources our Santa Barbara nannies through word of mouth from past clients and from other nanny contacts that we have.  To meet some of our sample nannies, please check out the Meet The Team page.


General Nanny Duties:

  • Care and keeping of the children
  • School and activity drop offs and pick ups
  • Cleaning up after the children
  • Meal prep for the children
  • Act as liaison between parents and teachers, doctors, and more
  • Maintain a safe and engaging environment for the children that helps them grown and succeed in their environment


Above and beyond nannies can provide the following in addition to the above basic duties:

  • Meal preparation and meal planning
  • Deep cleaning around the house
  • Introduce or implement learning activities including new languages or homework help
  • Errand running
  • Estate management
  • Assistant work


Nanny Salary

The Santa Barbara nanny salary can vary a great deal based on the work required and the number of hours provided per week.

For a part time nanny in Santa Barbara, a family can expect to pay between $12 and $25 per hour, depending on location and qualifications of the nanny.  Gas reimbursement for the activities with the children is typically calculated at the IRS standard mileage reimbursement of .56 per mile.  Part-time schedules for nannies can be anywhere from a few hours per week to 30 hours weekly.  For short-term or sporadic work, we sometimes recommend families to use our on-call babysitting service.

For a full time nanny in Santa Barbara, families can expect to pay between $13 and $30 per hour or a salary of $500 to $1200 weekly or more.  The qualifications and salary history of your nanny can help guide the salary offer.  For full time nannies, a stipend for health care is always appreciated.

Live-in nannies are available as well with a combined compensation of hourly pay plus room and board. Typically because the nanny hours are longer than with a live-out nanny, there are not always significant cost savings.  We encourage families to call and discuss their situation in order to gain a better understanding of the associated costs.