University Sitters corporate child care programs are a great way to stay in touch with the needs of your employees. To attract and secure top talent means offering benefits packages that speak to the reality of the employee’s life - including childcare. With flexible solutions and a simplicity of oversight, University Sitters can help make this easy.

Corporate child care options include:

  • On-campus day care or day camp. Activities, crafts, and games are coordinated by University Sitters at employer location
  • Event child care services including corporate meetings, picnics, and more. Including corporate retreats throughout California.
  • Subsidized in-home care. Hire babysitters for mandatory overtime or busy periods. Companies can subsidize or simply facilitate care.
  • Nannies, assistants, and housekeepers for relocation services.
  • Custom programs and curriculum.

See Return on Investment information for corporate child care here.

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Our list of corporate clients includes: Boston Consulting Group, Oceana Hotel, Pop Physique, The Weekend To Be Named Later, and Concentrus.

Case Studies:

Boston Consulting Group – Employee Retreat Babysitting

Every year Boston Consulting Group hosts an employee retreat at Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes. During the retreat weekend, which books nearly 100% of the resort, employee childcare options are available through University Sitters. We’ve taken care of booking sitters for up to 60 individual families. All sitting charges are paid by Boston Consulting Group during the primary party, and additional hours can be booked at a discounted rate for additional usage. 

The Weekend to be Named Later – Tech Conference Babysitting 

The Weekend hosts industry leaders in tech, entertainment, and various other industries at Terranea Resort. For the event, the group has an opt-in option for childcare that provides fixed hours of coverage for each family, four nights in a row, including New Year’s Eve. Sitting fees are paid by the organization. There are typically between 45-55 sitters each night, one per family. – Holiday Party Babysitting (acquired in 2015 by LinkedIn) hosts a holiday party in Santa Barbara at the Fess Parker Double Tree Hotel. The employees bring their children to the University Sitters child care program. We develop the curriculum based on the various age groups, in coordination with the team at Lynda. Up to 60 children. 

Ojai Valley Inn 

Hotel Childcare University Sitters is the #1 referral from the resort in Ojai for in-room childcare and private events like weddings or family reunions.


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