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University Sitters Founders + LA Magazine’s #LAwoman

Posted on August 27, 2015

We’re grateful for the press we have today in LA Magazine and the 200+ shares so far.

In October, we’re launching Helpr, an on-demand babysitting service by invitation only. All prior clients of University Sitters are invited as well as anyone who signs up in advance at the Helpr site. 100% screened babysitters available by booking on our app.

Our mission is to elevate childcare. Stay tuned.

Childcare on-demand.

Screened babysitters on-demand.

Calling all LA Babysitters

Posted on August 4, 2015

University Sitters is building out our database of caring, experienced, and engaging LA babysitters. Do you want to apply?

What’s great about working with us? You’re screened with our team and then we send you a text when we have a job you may want to work. You reply yes or no. If you say yes, we’ll set you up with the family. We take care of all billing. Our clients are booking LA babysitters for hotels during their vacations or work trips, in their homes for local babysitting, at their events, and more.

We speak to EVERY client that you will meet over the phone + take a credit card to hold reservations.

Perks: Know your rate before you accept a job – no variable rates like with Uber or Lyft. Meet great people – our clients and their kids are dynamic and interesting. Get to know new areas in LA. Lots of new clients and jobs coming through every day.


Job requirements:

Demonstrate experience in childcare in an in-person interview.

A car to transport you to and from the job.

A clean background check, now and ongoing.

A CPR certification – financial assistance available.

Minimum of two childcare references: one must be current, no family references accepted, one in-home and one reference from a facility OK. We will check additional references for most recent jobs.

We want LA babysitters on the team who are good role models, strong communicators, experienced, safe, and engaging. *LA Nannies, we are always interested in meeting you to place you in full-time or part-time work. Please email resumes to to set something up.

LA Babysitters

LA babysitters take the kids to Palm Springs.


Who we are – University Sitters was started by Becka and Kasey when they were at UCSB (film studies, comp lit.). We were babysitters and created a network of young women who’d pool together jobs so that each could work as much or as little as they wanted. 8 years later, we’re still at it. We have some of the most amazing people working with us in five cities. We hope you’ll join us.

Follow us on Facebook for more job opportunities.

Tips on Hiring a LA Babysitter

Posted on July 23, 2015

Last week the team at University Sitters had a chat with Sheryl Craig at CBS who included us on the site with tips on hiring a LA babysitter. See some highlights are listed below.

Help the sitter be successful

To help a sitter be successful on the job, provide expectations in writing. This can include location of the first aid kit, emergency numbers, allergies, bedtimes, tricks to help at bedtime or typical routines, and instructions for after the kids are sleeping such as: “Once Bella is sleeping, please tidy up from dinner and be sure the dog has his dinner.”

Consider certification 

While CPR and First Aid training are great to have, Edwards says it’s all about life experience. University Sitters looks at qualitative information about the care provider’s life – do they make good choices, do they have a bright future, does her history and achievements indicate that she has a good head on her shoulders?

Our sitters are available on-demand for help with at little as three hours notice. Our main location is in LA and our babysitters are screened for communication and their qualifications are top-notch.

To see the full article and more tips to find a LA babysitter, go here.

Babysitters for Company Retreats

Posted on May 25, 2015

babysitter for company retreat

Resort childcare available during company retreats.

University Sitters is an essential component for a great company event. Whether  hosting a picnic or an overnight retreat at a resort like Terranea (pictured), babysitters for company retreats can help guests socialize with ease. Hire sitters for the employees homes, for group childcare with guided curriculum, or hire sitters for in-room at the hotel. We’ve got the staffing to scale with your needs.

Read a few of our case studies here from choice employers who provide company retreat babysitting:

Boston Consulting Group

Every year Boston Consulting Group hosts an employee retreat at Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes. During

the retreat weekend, which books nearly 100% of the resort, employee childcare options are available

through University Sitters. We’ve taken care of booking sitters for up to 60 individual families. All sitting

charges are paid by Boston Consulting Group during the primary party, and additional hours can be

booked at a discounted rate for additional usage.

The Weekend to be Named Later – Tech Conference Babysitting

The Weekend hosts industry leaders in tech, entertainment, and various other industries at Terranea

Resort. For the event, the group has an opt-in option for childcare that provides fixed hours of coverage

for each family, four nights in a row, including New Year’s Eve. Sitting fees are paid by the organization.

There are typically between 45-55 sitters each night, one per family. (acquired in 2015 by LinkedIn) hosts a holiday party in Santa Barbara at the Fess Parker Double

Tree Hotel. The employees bring their children to the University Sitters child care program. We develop the

curriculum based on the various age groups, in coordination with the team at Lynda. Up to 60 children.

 Ojai Valley Inn – Hotel Childcare

University Sitters is the #1 referral from the resort in Ojai for in-room childcare and private events like

weddings or family reunions.

Women Supporting Women in LA Tech

Posted on March 25, 2015

University Sitters is Proud to Attend:

Women Supporting Women in LA Tech

March 27th, 2015  5-9pm

 2100-A Abbot Kinney, Venice CA 90291


The female founders of 5 Los Angeles tech startups are coming together over dinner to discuss how to support one another and foster the connections between women in the Los Angeles tech community. First Seating will facilitate the night’s conversation, and we invite you to meet the founders and learn more about their companies, which range from an early stage bootstrapped startup to another that just closed a $7M round. The founders attending came from Google, GOOD, Enso, Omaze and Stopp.



Company: GlamSquad (glamsquad)

Company Bio: Making getting ready a whole lot easier, GLAMSQUAD is an app-based beauty provider delivering professional and affordable beauty services to the home, office, hotel, or wherever you may be.

Founder Attending: Victoria Eisner (@victoriaaaGLAM)

Website: / App: Available on the App Store


Company: Mend (@letsmend)

Company Bio: We mend broken hearts. Our site and app connect heartbroken people to thesupport they need, from the comfort of home.

Founder Attending: Ellen Huerta (@ellenhuerta)

Website: / App: Coming soon to the App Store and Google Play


Company: Helpr (@helpr_app)

Company Bio: A shared economy for babysitters. Helpr is a pivot built on the expertise of 8 years running boutique childcare agency, University Sitters.

Founders Attending: Becka Klauber (@bexrichter), Kasey Edwards (@kasey-edward)

Website: / App: Coming soon to the App Store and Google Play


Company: NailSnaps (@nailsnaps)

Company Bio: NailSnaps connects a global network of nail enthusiasts to create, share, and buy photo-based nail wraps. Turn your photos into one-of-a-kind nail art.

Founders Attending: Angel Anderson (@angel), Sarah Heering (@sarahheering)

Website: / App: On the App Store (coming soon to Google Play)


Company: The Dinner Party @dinnerpartiers)

Company Bio: The Dinner Party is a community of mostly 20- and 30-somethings who’ve each experienced significant loss, and get together over dinner parties to talk about it and the ways in which it continues to affect our lives. Together, we’re pioneering tools and community through which young people who’ve experienced significant loss can use their shared experience as a springboard toward living better, bolder, and more connected lives.

Founder Attending: Lennon Flowers (@lennonflowers)



Company: First Seating (@firstseating)

Company Bio: Strategy workshops around a delicious table. First Seating’s fresh approach integrates expert facilitation, smart strategy and great food to help organizations get to better ideas and stronger teams.

Founders Attending: Isis Krause and Carolyn Sams


Palm Springs Kid’s Vacation

Posted on February 19, 2015

Girls Trip!

Kasey, Becka, Frankie and Cher hit the road for a Palm Springs Kid’s Vacation


After a few weeks of having the girls, we wanted to get out of town with Frankie and Cher*. Desert weather, desert sunsets, and a week of grand-parental leftover time share left us with very little to decide. We packed up the car and took a Palm Springs kid’s vacation – with road-trip stops at In N Out and Spotify playlists any Disney or pop kid would envy. We all finally cleared up the lyrics for Meghan Trainor’s “All About the Bass, no Trouble”, in case you weren’t sure. It was a perfect first vacation.

Palmsprings6The girls climbed their favorite tree – a horizontal marvel at the Marriott. The hotel had a ton of nature walks on the grounds, and the girls had fun chasing lizards, climbing trees, collecting tiny shells by the little river. We made big pasta dinners and dined on the patio. We hung out in our swimsuits all day.

palmsprings5Here’s the girls zoning in their new swimsuits after a long day at the pool. Suits are in their signature Palm Springs vacation pink.

  Frankie’s favorite activity? Floating around in her little pink water-wings!

Chill Hard from University Sitters on Vimeo.




*To preserve the privacy of the girls and their mother, we have changed their names.


University Sitters Gives Back: Our Intro to Safe Families

Posted on February 18, 2015

University Sitters + Safe Families

What is Safe Families and Why We Got Involvedphoto (4)

The success of University Sitters has been proof that our founders, Becka Klauber Richter and Kasey Edwards, have a pulse on the needs of families, but they wanted to learn more. What is it like to secure childcare for your own family? What is it really like for single parents? What is the experience of a parent working from home with a 4 year old? How does a 9 year old girl see the world and her future?  The women wanted to be familiar with the conditions of the families who, unlike our typical clientele (who we’ve learned so much from), face the challenges of poverty and limited social resources.

Driven by the desire for knowledge and a need to give back, the women were introduced to Safe Families for Children in 2012. The organization helps families in crisis through proactive placement of children in volunteer foster (or “safe”) homes. Compelled by an interest in child development, cyclical challenges for those experiencing poverty, and the neighborly spirit of Safe Families, the two teamed up to open their homes to a family in need.


Safe Families shares some operational and motivational similarities with the foster care system in the United States, but the organization separates itself by focusing on those families that foster care does not support. These families’ situations are not yet so dire that state intervention is necessary, but are still in need of a break to be sure the biological family is kept intact (See more: Safe Families–Who We Help). The “safe family” brings time, home, and community to the table. The idea is that neighborly support and professional resources can empower the family to better themselves and their situation and help strengthen whole communities.

————————–photo (1)

Becka initiated her involvement with Safe Families by becoming a “family coach,” serving as a liaison between biological families and host families during the assignment stages and beyond. This natural fit mirrored her role at University Sitters where she screened and matched babysitters and nannies with client families. Meanwhile, Kasey spent time with kids in a more educational setting, tutoring a child through the amazing Reading Partners.

Time passed and both University Sitters’ business and network continued to grow. Since both Kasey and Becka had an extra bedroom to share, they connected with Monte, their friend and mentor at Safe Families, and made the arrangements for approval as respite care co-parents. Respite care applies for families who are working toward a particular goal to be self-sustaining but lack childcare to complete this goal OR to families who are hosting children full-time and are in need an occasional day off for personal rejuvenation.

Kasey and Becka were approved and a family match was made. The girls they would be caring for, ages 4 and 9, interviewed the women at a McDonald’s in Long Beach and decided they’d love to do weekly “sleepovers.” They decorated their spare rooms with holiday lights, stuffed animals, books, art supplies and more. The fun began just after Halloween. IMG_0035 Becka and Kasey have grown from babysitters to aunties and have loved sharing their world. They’ve already done so much with the girls: a trip to Palm Springs, a visit to the Natural History Museum, sunsets at the beach, first visits to restaurants, playdates, and homework help. They’ve met new friends, seen 3D movies, worked on art projects, baking projects, and so much more. They have truly bonded with the two amazing children they were paired with, and are continuing to learn and grow from each other along the way.

Keep in touch on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and here on the blog as we explore the adventures in parenting, collaborating with the amazing teams at Olive Crest and Safe Families for Children, and doing it all while raising a capital round to build our new childcare (5)

We invite you to share our fun and help us out by connecting us with tips on resources. We know it takes a village.

Look for a later post on what it was like for the women to hire sitters from their own agency for the first time.

Los Angeles Sitter Featured Sitter: Jamie

Posted on January 9, 2015

Featured Los Angeles Sitter:

Jamie H

los angeles sitter

University Sitter: Jamie

This week’s featured sitter is Los Angeles sitter named Jamie. Since becoming part of the University Sitters team in July, she has quickly become one of the most hardworking and responsible members of our team. She has become a favorite of many families in the area and is one of our most requested sitters, making her one of our most popular Los Angeles sitters.  She is currently available to sit most weekdays and weekends. 

Where are you from?
I’m from the San Fernando Valley.
Where do you attend school and what is your major?
I go to California State University Long Beach, and I am majoring in Child Development and Family Studies.
What are your hobbies?
I like painting, baking, and hiking.
Tell us something interesting about yourself.
I studied sign language for 3 years.
How long have you been working with University Sitters?
I’ve been sitting for University Sitters for almost 7 months.
What is your favorite thing about being a Los Angeles sitter?
Knowing that I am making some kind of difference in a child’s life :)
What ages are you are most comfortable with?
I am comfortable with all ages.
When are you available to babysit?
As of right now, my schedule is very open.
If you are interested in booking Jamie, or a different Los Angeles sitter please call 877-417-4883 or create a profile and book online from the homepage at


Santa Barbara Sitter Featured Sitter: Flora

Posted on October 17, 2014

Featured Sitter: Flora M.

Santa Barbara Sitter

1382077_10151877106824589_843796177_n (1)


This week’s featured sitter is a Santa Barbara sitter named Flora. She has been a very valuable asset to University Sitters since she started working with us four months ago. In the short time she has been with us she has become a favorite of many families in the area!  Flora is currently available to sit afternoons and weekends.


Where are you from?

I am from American Canyon, California (located in the Napa Valley).

Where do you attend school and what is your major?

I am a senior at UCSB. My majors are Communication and Film and Media Studies. 

What are your hobbies?

I love playing outside at the beach on a nice day! Body surfing is always a fun time. I also enjoy going to the movies and hanging out with friends. 

Tell us something interesting about yourself.

Goofy is my favorite Disney character because he is so silly.

How long have you been working with University Sitters?  

I have been working for University Sitters for about 4 months now!

What is your favorite thing about babysitting?

I like meeting new families and being able to explore the Santa Barbara area with them. 

What are the ages you are most comfortable with?

I am comfortable with all ages (infants to teens)

When are you available to babysit?

Weekends, afternoons, and evenings! 

To book an appointment with Flora, or any of the rest of our amazing sitters please call 877-417-4883 ext 101 or visit


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